Overhaul and
  Second-Hand Woodwinds


International Masterclass for Woodwinds
in the south of Sweden from 5–9 August 2015

Students perform with professional string ensemble and piano!
Masterclasses held by Stefano Canuti, Magnus Nilsson, bassoon
and Jonathan Small, oboe a.o.
Please find further information at
and following PDF for download.

Sophie Dartigalongue, appointed principal bassoonist
with the Vienna Philharmonic

Sophie-Dartigalogue Photo: Dorothee-Falke

Interview with Sophie Dartigalongue in the magazine eurowinds, February 2015
Read the article (PDF). By courtesy of eurowinds, DVO Druck und Verlag Obermayer GmbH.

Saxton Rose, was appointed U.S. Consultant for Püchner Bassoons in the US.

Saxton Rose

Saxton Rose welcomes US bassoonist to consult him for any questions about Püchner bassoons. Saxton Rose performs on a Püchner bassoon model 6000 (Superior).

Püchner Exhibitions and Presentations 2015

International Bassoon Festival Beijing

26th to 30th July 2015
Meet Gerald Püchner and Gabriele Nilsson-Püchner.

Welcome to playtest Püchner’s latest-design bassoons, bocals and contrabassoons.

Repair service (free of charge) during the festival by Gerald Püchner and Huang Xin, technical director
, Instrument repair center
, wind office
, Central Conservatory of Music

Concerts and Masterclasses of renown Püchner Artists:
 Fábio Cury and Sophie Dartigalongue, Holger Schinköthe and The Universal Bassoon Ensemble with Fábio Cury, Sophie Dartigalongue, Magnus Nilsson, Holger Schinköthe and Shi Li.
Further details to follow.

Mappen für Musiker Mappe für Musiker offen Photos: Shi Li

Convention of the International Double Reed Society (IDRS)

15th to 19th August 2015
National Olympic Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo


Meet Gerald Püchner and Jürgen Stork, oboe master at Püchner.

Welcome to playtest Püchner’s latest-design Püchner bassoons and bocals, oboes, oboes d’amore and English horn.

Recitals and concerts of outstanding soloists will highlight the convention: Stefano Canuti, Sophie Dartigalongue, Arnaldo de Felice, Saxton Rose, Amici Trio

For further information
Download PDF here.

Püchner Artists at IDRS Conventions

2012 Oxford, Ohio
2013 Redlands, California – Click here for further information
2014 New York – Click here for further information
2015 Tokyoo – Click here for further information

Norddeutsche Oboentage / Northern German Oboedays

31th August and 1st September 2015, Landesmusikakademie Niedersachen, Wolfenbüttel

Püchner invites you to our exhibition of latest-design Oboes, Oboes d’amore and English horns as well as bocals.

Further information you find here.

Püchner in Paris

9th and 10th October 2015, 10:00 to 18:00
La Maison du Limousin, 30 rue de Caumartin, 75009 Paris

Banner Expo Paris

Presentation of latest design Püchner bassoons, contrabassoon and oboes, oboes d’amore and Cor Anglais. In collaboration with AJ Musique.

Postcard Download here

Dubbelt av Dubbelt, Malmö celebrates its 10th anniversary

Academy of Music Malmö, Sweden, 7th November 2015

Playtest latest design Püchner bassoons, bocals, oboes, oboes d’amore and English horns. Meet Gabriele Nilsson-Püchner, Magnus Nilsson, princ. Bassoonist Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra and Jürgen Stork, oboe master at Püchner.

Further details to follow.

Dubbelt Pinwand

International Bassoon Festival Rio de Janeiro

26th to 29th November 2015 at the University of Rio de Janeiro
Meet Gerald Püchner and Gabriele Nilsson-Püchner.

Very welcome to playtest latest-design Püchner bassoons, bocals and contrabassoon.

Concerts and Masterclasses of the south-american Püchner-Artists:
Fábio Cury (Sao Paulo),
Fábian Contreras (Cordoba, Argentinien)
and Alejandra Rojas Garcia (Venezuela/England)

Further details to follow.

Arnaldo De Felice Portrait

Masterclasses with the Italian oboist
Arnaldo de Felice

6th to 21th July 2015
Casalmaggiore International Music Festival

Oboe Masterclass with Arnaldo de Felice.
Further information find here.

22th to 28th July 2015
Musikforum Viktring/Klagenfurt, Austria

“Fraseggio and vocality“ Further information find here.

29th August to 6th September 2015 – Palazzo Ricci, Montepulciano

“The oboe as human voice“ European Academy of Music and Arts, Palazzo Ricci, Montepulciano arranged and hosted by the Academy of Music Cologne, Germany. Further information find here.

The oboists table when visiting Nauheim

Tisch Oboist

Award winner of the Gautemala Bassoon Competition COFCA 2014

Jordan Mora from Costa Rica is first prize winner of the Guatemala Bassoon Competition COFCA 2014. Jordan plays a Püchner bassoon. Our best congratulation!

Further news

Sophie Dartigalongue is awarded the “Beethoven Ring 2014”

The association of the Friends of Beethoven Festival Bonn awarded the “Beethoven Ring 2014” to the bassoonist Sophie Dartigalongue for her oustanding interpretation of a Beethoven Sonata.

Read more here.

Céleste-Marie Roy in Tokyo

Celeste Marie Roy 1 Celeste Marie Roy 2

Céleste-Marie Roy, princ. bassoonist with the Orchestra de la Suisse Romande, Geneva, giving a Masterclass and recital at the Double Reed Gallery in Tokyo in July 2014.

Fabio-Cury–16-valsas-CD Fábio Cury releases 16 Mignone Waltzes
for Bassoon Solo (CD, 2014)

The CD is available at Püchner

Püchner- Exhibitions and Presentations 2016

2nd International Monteverdi Oboe Festival 2016 Bolzano

25th to 28th February 2016
Music Conservatorio C. Monteverdi, Bolzano, Italy

Meet Gabriele Nilsson-Püchner and Jürgen Stork, oboe master at Püchner. Welcome to playtest Püchner Oboes, -Cor Anglais and Oboes d’amore of our latest design Concerts with Jonathan Small, principal oboist with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and oboe tutor at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) Manchester

Detailed information to follow

Nobelprize winner Thomas Südhof „owes it all to his
bassoon teacher"

Read more.

Cover CD Fábio Cury

New CD of the Brazilian bassoon soloist Fábio Cury:

Fábio Cury, Bassoon and baroque bassoon and Alessandro Santoro, harpsichord and organ interprete Bach. 2 CDs, (2013)

Further details you find here.

The CD is available at Püchner.

Sophie Dartigalongue

Sophie Dartigalongue 1 Sophie Dartigalongue 2 Sophie Dartigalongue 3

Second prize and audience prize winner of the ARD Music Competition in Munich 2013 holding a Bassoon Masterclass at the Double Reed Gallery in Tokyo in November 2013.

Sophie Dartigalongue

Sophie Dartigalongue – 2nd Prize and Audience Prize winner for Bassoon of the ARD Music Competition 2013

The 2nd Prize as well as the Audience Prize of the 2013 ARD Music Competition was awarded on September 11 to the French bassoonist Sophie Dartigalongue for her interpretation of the Jolivet bassoon concerto. Traditionally no 1st prize was awarded. Warmest congratulations!

Sophie performs on a Püchner bassoon model Superior.

Earlier awards: First prize winner of the bassoon competition AudiMozart 2010 in Roverto, Italy, second price in the “4th National G. Rossini bassoon competition” in Pesaro in October 2010, first award of the Carl-Maria von Weber bassoon competition in Wroclaw, Poland in November 2010 and first prize winner for bassoon of the 4th International Academic Oboe and Bassoon Competition, Lodz, Poland in May 2011. 2nd prize winner of the International Crusell Bassoon Competition, Uusikaupunki, Finland, July 2011. 1st prize winner of the 6th International bassoon competition Michal Spisak, Poland in October 2012. 2nd prize of "The Muri Competition" 2013, Switzerland.

After her bassoon studies with Carlo Colombo in Lyon, followed by studies at the Karajan-Academy in Berlin, Sophie is a member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra from their concert season 2013/14 on.

Watch: ‪Vivaldi - Bassoon concerto RV 493 (2. Lento), ARD International Music Competition Munich, September 2013

First Prize to Mingyuan Yang

The first prize at the "Young Artist Bassoon Competition 2013, IDRS Redlands, California in June 2013 went to Mingyuan Yang from China, studying in the U.S.. Mingyuan Yang is performing on a Püchner bassoon model Jubilee/model 4000. We congratulate him warmly.

Mingyuan Yang and Gerald Püchner

Mingyuan Yang and Gerald Püchner in Redlands

Sophie Dartigalongue

First prize to SUN Chu

The young Chinese oboist SUN Chu won the first prize at the prestigious Leila Bull Oboe Competition, London in March 2013. Our best congratulations! He performs on a Püchner oboe model 733 C.

Further details about Sun Chu you find here

Eurowinds Stefano Canuti Interview with the Italian bassoonist Stefano Canuti

in the magazine eurowinds, November/December 2012
Read the article (PDF)

By courtesy of eurowinds, media team musik Verlags-GmbH. Stefano Canutis CD with Johann Sebastian Bach's Sonatas da gamba is available at Püchner,
order at .

Lola Descours, bassoonist with the Orchestre de Paris

CD: Jean Francaix 1912-1997, Le Gay Paris
Concerto for clarinet, orchestra, Divertimento, Sonatine including Divertimento pour basson et quintette à cordes (1942) with Lola Descours, basson and Octuor de France. Lola Descours performs on a Püchner bassoon.

The CD is available at at 17 EUR + postage + VAT. Further information please find here (PDF).

We congratulate the winners
of the recent years’ IDRS bassoon competitions


From Lyon to Beijing, a wonderful adventure
for young bassoonists

Published in “La Lettre du Musicien no. 420/2012”, Paris, read the article.The travel report of Sophie Dartigalongue, Romain Rouge, Loïc Bernardet and Lorenzo Contaldo you find here.

Sophie Dartigalongue – a young bassoon talent

Published in “La Lettre du Musicien no. 420/2012”, Paris, read the article.

Prof. Valeri Popov becomes Honorary Member of the IDRS

The International Double Reed Society elects Prof. Valeri Popov, Moscow to be Honorary Member of the Society 2012. Prof. Popov gets their "Lifetime Achievement Award for highly distinguished contributions to the legacy of the bassoon with your artistry and musicianship". Püchner sends warmest congratulations.

Prof. Valeri Popov

Bach: Toccata and Fugue d minor BWV 565 arr. by Mag. Shi Li for 4 bassoons and contrabassoon

Sheet music available at

Cover Following sheet music was published by Valeri Popov Following sheet music was published by Valeri Popov

Professor for bassoon at Tchaikowsky Conservatory of Music Moscow and can be ordered at

Orchestral Studies for bassoon Dimitri Schostakowitch compiled by Prof. Valeri Popov, Moscow,
Price: EUR 18,00 + postage + 7% VAT

Astor Piazzolla: Libertango for bassoon and piano transcribed by Yuri Kasparow,
Price: EUR 12,00 + postage + 7% VAT

For further details please check here (PDF)

Second prize to Sarah Ruiz Song

Sarah Ruiz Song is second prize winner of the prestigious The Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition Los Angeles 2012. Sarah is studying at the Superior Music Conservatory of Aragón, Spain with Prof. Stefano Canuti and performs on a Püchner bassoon of the 8000 series. We congratulate her warmly.

For further information please click here.

Cover Stefano-Canutis-Enrique-Bagaria Stefano Canuti's new CD: Johann Sebastian Bach

available at Püchner at the price of
14 EUR + postage + 19% VAT

Further details about this CD
you find here (PDF)

Kalender 2012 Püchner-Calendar 2012

[ more ]

Sophie Dartigalongue

Interview with the Italian oboist
Arnaldo de Felice

in the magazine eurowinds, September/Oktober 2011
Read the article: Download PDF

By courtesy of eurowinds, media team musik Verlags-GmbH.

Sophie Dartigalongue

First prizes to Katarzyna Zdybel, bassoonist from Poland

Katarzyna Zdybel achieved the second prize as well as special price at the Moscow Conservatory International Competition For Winds and Percussion in 2009. In 2010 she was first prize winner of the G. Rossini International Bassoon Competition in Pesaro, Italia and the International Competition for Wind Instruments in Chieri, Italy.

Katarzyna Zdybel performs on a Püchner bassoon model Superior.

Further details (biography)

First prize at the “Young Artist Bassoon Competition 2011”, Tempe, Arizona in June 2011

Axel Benoit, bassoon student of the bassoon class of Carlo Colombo at the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon has been nominated first prize winner of the “Young Artist Bassoon Competition 2011” held by the International Double Reed Society (IDRS). Axel Benoit is performing on a Püchner bassoon model Superior. With congratulate him warmly!

Axel Benoit

Axel receiving his first place trophy during the awards ceremony

Henrik Goldschmidt, princ. oboist with the orchestra of the
Royal Opera Copenhagen talks about his Püchner oboes in Danish Radio (DR)

Angelika Chernych Rostov Püchner donated a bassoon model Jubilee to the special prize winner of the First International Competition for bassoon of the State Conservatory P.I. Tchaikowsky Moscow in November 2009

Under the patronage of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the bassoon competition, instigated and organised through Prof. Valery Popov, successfully took place in November 2009. Püchner had pleasure in donating a special prize presenting a “Jubilee model Püchner bassoon» to a deserving competitor of the First Moscow Conservatory International competition for bassoon. The criteria for awarding this special prize to a competitor, was “a performer, who shows much talent and great potential, as well as apparent financial need.»

Further details

Fabio Cury

New CD released by Fabio Cury with four Brazilian bassoon concertos.

Further details in English and Portuguese as
Download PDF

Stefano Canuti performing on Püchner bassoon

We are delighted to announce that Stefano Canuti, bassoon soloist with high international reputation is performing on a Püchner bassoon model Superior. Very welcome in the “Püchner-bassoon-family”

Special promotion during autumn 2009 for Püchner Oboes
model 33 E and 30 E, English system with thumbplate
at discounted prices

We thank you for visiting our booth at the IDRS Conference Birmingham 2009 and wish to continue our special promotion ­during autumn 2009 for Püchner Oboes model 33 E and 30 E, English system with thumbplate at discounted prices

Jonathan Small, U.K. Supplier and Representative for Püchner Oboes, Oboes d’amore and English horns, Phone 0151-652 2763,

Bassoon Festival in Cordoba, Argentina
from 12 to 18 October 2009

A few days ago the Bassoonfestival “Encuentro de Fagotistas” in Cordoba, Argentina was held with great response and success. On the program amongst other: Masterclass with the internationally re-known bassoonist Fábio Cury, bassoonist of the Opera of Sao Paulo and Professor for Bassoon at State University Sao Paulo and a concert of the „Cuarteto Sudamericano Püchner“ with bassoonists of three countries:

Fábio Cury, Sao Paulo, Brasilien; Fabian Contreras, Cordoba, Argentinien; Gonzalo Brusco, Cordoba, Argentinien; Felipe Déstefano, Santiago de Chile

Cuarteto Sudamericano Püchner:
Fábio Cury, Sao Paulo, Braszl – Fabian Contreras, Cordoba, Argentina –
Gonzalo Brusco, Cordoba, Argentina – Felipe Déstefano, Santiago de Chile
All four soloists are performing on Püchner bassoons.

Felipe Destefano, Fábian Contreras, Fabio Cury

Felipe Destefano, princ. bassoonist Symphony Orchestra Santiago de Chile – Fábian Contreras, princ. bassoonist Cordoba Symphony Orchestra, Argentina – Fabio Cury, bassoonist Opera orchestra Sao Paulo and professor for bassoon at the State University Sao Paulo

For adjustments and bassoon repairs during the festival Mauro Avila, bassoonist of Rio de Janeiro was available. Mauro was trained by Püchner in their workshop in Germany.

Mauro Avila

Mauro Avila

For further information about the festival please visit

Masahito Tanaka

15 Masterpieces for bassoon
Transcribed and edited by
Masahito Tanaka

Masahito Tanaka (1951–2002) was one of Japans foremost bassoon soloists. He performed on a Püchner bassoon Antique Finish.

Please find some further information following here.
The sheet music can be ordered at
Price: 36 EUR +postage +19% VAT